Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the Metro New York Illini Club?
We are a regional supplemental chapter of the University of Illinois Alumni Association, covering New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, and the southern parts of New York State and Connecticut.    We welcome alumni and friends of all three campuses of the University of Illinois.  We host social events, cultural outings, alumni networking, student recruitment, and community service activities in the New York City area!!

How is the Club related to the University of Illinois Alumni Association?
The Alumni Association provides direction for our Club, and also supplies our local alumni database and website services.  The Club has its own Officers and Board of Directors, who plan our events and handle all Club communications.

Who are our consituents?
We have alumni living throughout the area, who graduated from the 1930s and all the way up to the most recent semester.  Some were born and raised in this area and were out-of-staters at U of I; some were originally Midwesterners.  Our monthly e-mail newsletter is read by about 2,000 people.

What are the Club membership levels?
You can receive our e-mails and attend our events without paying membership dues.  But, for only $10 a year, you can become a member.  Membership entitles you to discounted admission fees for most of our events, and access to the online directory.

What kinds of social events do we offer?
We try to offer a variety of programs since we have such a diverse membership.  In addition to happy hours and pub crawls, we also attend performances at Lincoln Center, go on museum tours, participate in community service projects, and host events featuring prominent alumni and/or current faculty.

How often do we have events?
About once a month. In addition, during football and basketball seasons we gather at a local bar to watch the Illini games. 

What do we do besides social events?
We award a scholarship each year to a deserving local student who will be starting as a freshman at Illinois. We also host a party near the end of each summer for all of the local incoming freshmen to meet each other and ask any questions they may have before heading to campus.  Our Club and the Office of Admissions co-host a reception in the spring for all area high school students who have been accepted to University.