get to know the board and support the Annual scholarship fund

Thank you to all of those who were able to attend the Annual Scholarship Dinner or generously donated to our scholarship fund. All proceeds are going to support NYC Metro students who accept admittance to the University of Illinois.  Donate today! 

We are continuing into the month of August to raise money for the scholarship fund and prepare for our first Tailgate of the football season! Say hello to Bruce!

Name:  Bruce Johnson 

Board Title/Position: Board member, Former President 

Graduation Year and Program: 1970, Journalism 


Company Title: Attorney 

How long have you lived in NYC? Since 1977 

Why did you decide to move to NYC? Recruited here out of law school

What is your favorite part about living in NYC?  Everything is here, and most of it in walking distance.

What is your best UIUC memory?  Founded the Other Guys. 

Why are you on the Metro NYC Illini board? I have been on the board for about 42 years, so why not?