get to know the board and support the Annual scholarship fund

The past few months have seen some exciting changes and many new faces to the Metro NYC Illini board. Leading up to the Annual Scholarship dinner we will be introducing new and current members of the board with some fun facts. 

Say hi to Tony! We are down to only a few days until our Annual Scholarship Dinner event, we would love to see you there! If you are unable to attend consider making a donation towards our scholarship goal of $5000. All proceeds will go to support 2 students from the Metro NYC area, who accept admittance to the University of Illinois with a $2500 scholarship. Donate today! 

Name:  Tony L. D'Anzica

Board Title/Position: Scholarship Committee Chairperson

Graduation Year and Program: JD, 1997

Company Name: Dynamax Realty Inc and Dynamax Realty NYC Inc

Company Title: President/Broker-Owner

How long have you lived in NYC? Born and raised in NY  

What is your favorite part about living in NYC? Meeting my UIUC alumni friends who always find their way to NYC either as a vacation/work destination or as a stopover before moving on to another destination

What is your best UIUC memory? It's just not possible to point to one single memory. I'll never forget the student life, the wonderful midwestern hospitality, the incredible BIG10 campus experience, the tailgating, and our amazing law school family (especially when our professors welcomed us into their homes)

Why are you on the Metro NYC Illini board? Attending UIUC School of Law was one of the best experiences of my life, in every way. I made lifelong friends and I will always cherish my memories from that experience. I joined the Metro NYC Illini board because  I wanted to remain connected in some way to UIUC. I also wanted to find a way give back to my alma mater, promote it, and share my experiences with future alumni (which I can do as the Scholarship Committee Chairperson)