oneworldobsHappy hour at One World OBservatory

We're returning to the top of the World Trade Center to enjoy its spectacular views.  If you couldn't make this popular event last year, now's your chance!

One World Observatory offers stunning views, but even before you arrive at the top, there are great things to see.  On the way to the elevator, there’s a video montage of personal stories of the people who built the Freedom Tower, and even the elevator ride itself is an incredible exhibit about New York City!  At the top, when you can tear yourself away from the giant floor-to-ceiling windows in all directions, there are multi-media presentations and other fun diversions.

Gather with fellow Illini at a designated spot (TBD) within the Main Observatory, after you’ve gone through the preliminary exhibits at your own pace.  We will have a specific entry time at 6:30pm, but there is some leeway on either side in case you are running late or want to get there a little earlier.  The observatory is open until 10:00pm - you may want to stick around for the sunset!
One World Observatory - 285 Fulton Street;  Entrance on West Street at the corner of Vesey Street
Thursday, July 26th, 6:30pm*
*Timed-entry ticket will be honored up to 15 minutes before and up to 15 minutes after 6:30
Please allow extra time to find the entrance from whichever subway line you are taking - it can be confusing down there!!
Cost: $50 - Includes ticket to One World Observatory plus two drink vouchers

Click here to buy tickets!!!

DEADLINE FOR SIGN-UPs is Monday, July 23rd - Pre-registration is necessary to get your ticket for entry and drink vouchers - you will pick them up from the One World Trade representative at the entrance
E-mail Kelly with any questions